I have loved children's literature since college and have spent many hours reading to young children including my own, my grandchildren and my preschool students. So why not try to write a book?

It is sometimes difficult to find a passion and then act upon it. When I met Francesca we worked together on our shared passion of completing a children's book and together were able to fulfill this dream.

Rex's Winning Day is the result of the effort. It was inspired by my grand dog, Rex, and his attempt to run in the Running of the Wieners at Cincinnati's Oktoberfest. He is so funny and full of life and makes a lovable main character.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, I graduated from Baylor University with a BS in Elementary Education.  I began my career in teaching elementary aged children. We have lived the last 25 years in Cincinnati, Ohio where I spent 11 years teaching preschool. I no longer teach but spend many hours with our 3 grandchildren and still enjoy many family activities with our four grown children. I live with my husband, our dog Ellie and one grumpy cat.



Francesca "Kikka" Cecioni is originally from Rome, Italy and has been in the United States for over 21 years. Though studying electrical engineering while at University of Roma, Francesca has had a lifelong passion to create comic books and illustrations. Upon meeting Mary, she jumped on the opportunity to fulfill her dream along with Mary.

Working together, Francesca coordinated with Mary to create the characters in Rex's Winning Day and making the book come alive with her illustrations.


Francesca lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and four children. She consults on engineering projects, is constantly driving her children from place to place and still finds time to create with her drawings.  She also lives with three lovable cats always ready to help her with any projects on the computer.